I had a back, neck and shoulder massage from Lee yesterday, in my home. 
I am in a wheelchair & am sometimes a little self conscious in beauty shops/spas/gyms when being treated, so the luxury of having the massage in my own living room was phenomenal.
Lee gave me to deep tissue massage as requested & unassumingly checked it was acceptable pressure a couple of times.
I felt very safe and reassured in Lees hands.
I REALLY recommend using Lees services, he has left my body feeling more relaxed and my mind less cluttered.
Honestly, I don't leave reviews .... but this guy deserves this praise.
I will ONLY be using Lee for my massage needs from now on.

Caroline Simmons Hall

Being a part time working Mummy with a 2 year old, it’s not often I get time to relax so it was a real benefit to be able to enjoy 1.5 hours of “me” time in the comfort of my own home. 
Lee was brilliant & the massage was one of the most beneficial I’ve ever had. It has definitely eased a lot of the tension I had all over my body! I look forward to my next one.

Amy Till

I experienced a massage yesterday with lee and I would highly recommend him. He was warm and friendly and I felt completely relaxed in his presence. Definitely one of the best massages I've had.

Lyndsey Ollard

Lee is very professional and highly skilled. His massages are one of the best I ever had: after every massage I felt completely brand new. I highly recommend his services.

Serena Tizzi

A fantastic massage by Lee. He is very professional and it was so nice being in the comfort of your own home so when he goes you can just chill! The perfect mix of relaxing, yet deep enough to feel like you are having a massage. Will definitely be booking again. Highly recommend

Lorna Catchpole

Thank you for a relaxing hour of massage which flew by! I often find it hard to relax but felt myself drifting off. Its great that I didn't have to leave the house either. This would be a great treat to yourself or someone else. I would definitely like to have more in the future.

Selina Patel

Having had open heart surgery in 2011 I have continuously struggled with my shoulder and back, and sadly in the cold weather is when I tend to struggle the most so last night in complete pain and agony I had my 1st session with Lee. It is quite possible that I have seen dozens of therapists over the years and he is the best. having not slept for a couple of weeks I slept well and woke up completely pain free! In fact I feel amazing today. If I could give him 10 stars I would. I highly recommend Lee and will continue to see him on a regular basis. absolutely brilliant and fantastic massage by a professional and kind therapist. Thank you Lee!!

Ashleigh O'connell

Lee is a very professional and present practitioner.  I've had lots of massages before but afterwards Lee spoke to me about my problem areas and discussed how we could focus on these in future to relieve the tension which regularly builds up due to my work as a dancer.  Looking forward to our next session already.

Jem Ayres

The most relaxed I have felt in ages! Perfect massage that enabled me to forget about the worries and stresses of life, thank you.

Cathy Carter

Lee's massage service is fantastic. I literally have never felt so relaxed!  Fantastic technique, strokes that I had never experienced before!

Kayleigh Short

At a quite stressful time in my life Lee has made me feel so much more relaxed than I have felt in a long time, as well as easing some of the pain and a lot of tension I suffer with on a daily basis in my upper backer.  He is friendly, professional and reassures you all the way through.  look forward to seeing him soon.

Amy Parkin

I had a massage from Lee and it was an excellent experience.  Lee explained the processes that we would be going through and why, and also recommended a treatment based around getting the best outcome for my issues.

Ella Jiggle